A Guest Love Letter…

I wasn’t feeling very amorous this week, so I asked some of my favorite bloggers to write a love letter for me to post on my blog. One of my very favoritist people ever, Courtni over at Living Wicked, submitted the following letter.

She rocks my world, and you should definitely check out her blog.

(I should probably warn you– this is dirtier than pretty much anything I post. Maybe I should find one of those “parental advisory” pictures to put on here…)

Dear Mr. Jax Teller,

Yep. That face.

Let us be honest here: I want to fuck your face off. I want to fuck it off, so that I can fuck it back on to give me the ability to fuck it off again.

And then repeat.

If I knew where you lived, I would sit outside your house and hope that you would see me there, naked … and invite me in for a good fuck-face session. And by fuck-face … I mean me literally fucking your sexy face off of your body repeatedly. Your face wouldn’t smell like my vagina … my vagina would smell like your face.

But don’t get upset about this. I plan to return the favor. As much as I want to ride your face like the teacup ride at Disneyland, I also would like to see your cock placed into my mouth. While it is carefully placed there … I just wanna look up at you and have you smile at me.

I don’t love you. Shit, I don’t even know you. But I want to fuck you so hard that it hurts my feelings.

Listen, we don’t need to talk. I don’t want to be your girlfriend (unless you want me to be please?) … I just want your penis. Like regularly.

Oh, to be on the back of that motorcycle...

I can haz cock?
I can haz motorcycle ride?
I can haz face ride?




3 Comments on “A Guest Love Letter…”

  1. Um, this makes my tribute to William H. Macy’s nakedness look like an entry from my 3rd grade diary. Sweet and dirty is another way to go… Works for me, too!

  2. Hello, I hopped over to your webpage from stumbleupon. It’s not something I would typically read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thank you for creating a blog post worth reading!

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