Give me one good reason…

Hopefully, this will be the most narcissistic thing I ever write.

I need feedback. Why, you ask? Because I hate feeling like I’m trying to speak to a room full of people while they’re all paying attention to something else. Sure, I may not have the most important thing in the world to say. I’ll still try to make what I’m saying interesting, and, if you’d just give me a chance, you may hear something new or different or funny.

Lately, I’ve felt as though this blog doesn’t matter. It’s no secret that I miss the old days of blogging– when the comments went on for days and people interacted with one another and became friends over blogs. I loved the reactions my blogs invoked, and reacting to the blogs I read. I miss reading all the day-to-day ramblings of people whom I only knew through a computer screen.

I hate that I need justification for writing here. I insist that I write for me and no one else. But when it seems like no one is paying attention, what’s the point?

I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve realized that this doesn’t matter. However, knowing that I lurk on quite a few blogs, I’m hoping that you can come up with a reason why I should keep blogging. Right now, I can’t think of any.

I have so many great aspirations for this blog– I’ve even been thinking about what kind of blogs I’d like to write, and considering making a schedule instead of posting so sporadically. But when it feels like I’m being ignored, I just don’t see the point.

I really, really hope this is the most narcissistic thing that ever comes from my fingertips…

I just want to know that I’m not putting myself out there without a purpose.


4 Comments on “Give me one good reason…”

  1. egills says:

    Oh, I also miss the good old days when we had a community within our blogs. Deep meaningful friendships blossomed within our blogs.
    Then Facebook happened and most people defected there for the more social aspect of our spaces 😦 Leaving a void within my little world, not being able to interact openly within FB.
    I’m always here, I do love to read your blogs – I missed not being able to comment when you were playing with coding in your blog. I don’t always get the chance to pop in all the time, work gets in the way sometimes… 😉

    • Thank you 🙂

      I’m trying to be less of a lurker on all the blogs I read… maybe I’ll be able to start some interaction that will become like the friendships I still have with the bloggers I used to follow on Myspace. As great as Facebook is for keeping in touch, it really does take away from the connections that used to happen online.

      • Italian Princess says:

        I hate the way other blogs are set up. I miss the MySpace days for that reason alone. Maybe that’s why I quit writing??? I understand what you’re saying…I’m sorry I haven’t been around. Trying to pull myself up from the bootstraps and get on with gettin’ on. I promise to call you-but everything disappeared on my page. Can you inbox me with your new address and home phone? ❤

        • It’s alright babe, I know you’ve had a lot going on.

          The way blogs are now, it’s hard to find the same connection we could on Myspace. See, that site did have one redeeming quality! I would love to know all about creating websites just so I could design the “perfect” blogging community. Sigh, maybe someday. Probably not though.

          I miss you love 🙂 I’ll get that message out as soon as I finish typing. Right… now. Ha! I find me so entertaining.

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