Kitties in Love: A Picture Blog

Meet Harley (a.k.a. Bub, a.k.a. “fucking cat, I oughta beat you for that”):

My Bub

He looks so innocent in Paint...

He’s a 7 month old womanizer. He’s already got two pretty little tiger striped girls wrapped around his tail.

First, there was Phoenix. She was robbing the cradle with Harley. Baths, cuddling on the couch, and the occasional throw-down, all-out brawl: they had quite the exciting relationship.

Phoenix sitting on Bub's head.

Then Maggie came along. She’s almost an exact replica of Phoenix, only younger.

Bub was smitten.

Love at first sight. Sort of.

Poor Phoenix. She’s terribly jealous. Alas, she just can’t compete with a younger, yet-to-be spayed little vixen.

We didn’t plan on keeping Maggie. But my husband fell in love with her too, and now she’s here to stay.

When we brought her home, I thought she was too young to get pregnant. Then I found out that cats can get knocked up at 4 months old!

What the...?!?!

Ha, good thing we figured that out before she got knocked up. We got Harley neutered in order to keep our little zoo down to 5 cats.

Let’s have a moment of silence in remembrance of Bub’s nuts…

Now, Harley’s inability to reproduce hasn’t dissuaded Maggie at all. She’s constantly waving her ass in Bub’s face, trying to get him to do things that they’re both waaay too young to be doing.

It's just so... wrong.

And they’re exhibitionists. They prefer to tease each other in the middle of the living room with a full audience.

Encore! Encore! Wait, no.

Fucking cats, man. Get a room.

Just stay off my bed, ok?

*Don’t forget to have your whorish cats spayed and neutered, folks.


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