Dear Ryan Buell:

I’ve been waiting to move into a haunted house just so I would have an excuse to call you. I watch you religiously every week, and every week I fall a little bit deeper in love with you. You’re just so adorable, and so complex, and so caring… and so fully clothed. What’s up with that?

Ryan Buell of Paranormal State

I can imagine what our life might be like together, what our weekends might be like… we could go around exploring abandoned places (my weakness). I’d walk around in fascination, trying to think of a story idea to accompany each place. You would walk through and talk to the spirits that still dwell there. I wouldn’t worry about you scaring me while we walked through like I would with any other guy on the planet. You’re not like that. You care just as much about finding out the truth as I do.

Ryan exploring a haunted house

I know you’ve been haunted all your life, Ryan, and I know that you don’t like to share that part of yourself with anyone else. I’ll listen when you’re ready to talk, though. When you can’t sleep at night because of all the spirits and the demons, all you have to do is wake me up. I’ll run my fingers through your hair as you lay your head on my chest and tell me about all the things you see. I won’t try to interrupt you with my own stories, and I’ll never doubt you.

And if you still can’t sleep, we can have amazingly awesome, screaming so the neighbors can hear us, unable to walk the next morning sex.

Remember that episode where you wore a black dress shirt and a silver tie that was loose at the neck? I have never wanted to jump into the TV and rip your clothes off so badly. I just thought you’d like to know.

I love you, Ryan. If you’re reading this, just leave a comment and let me know when you’ll be in North Carolina again.


P.S. When I start looking for a house, I won’t necessarily turn down one that’s obviously haunted. I’m still looking for my reason to call you…


5 Comments on “Dear Ryan Buell:”

  1. Teri says:

    I watch that show all the time, but I don’t think I will EVER be able to look at him the same way again. 🙂 (I am going to go shower now, I feel sort of dirty…)

    Cute post.

  2. I have this theory that if I ever convince him that my place is haunted and I need his help, I’m going to say that the ghost won’t leave unless he has sex with me.

    I have no shame 😀

  3. Barbara says:

    cute post. cute blog!

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